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Business Name: Pure Matcha

Type of Business: Online Tea Retailer.

Year Founded: 2010

Location: Miami, Florida

Phone: (954) 394-7905

Website: www.PureMatcha.com

What is Unique About Your Business?: What’s unique about Pure Matcha is that we are one of only a few companies in the world and the only one in the USA to offer Rooibos Matcha or Rooibos Powder.  We also offer Black Tea Matcha or Black Matcha.

Our Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha comes from Nishio Japan, an area known to produce the finest matcha on the planet. We never sacrifice quality for quantity. We really want to help pave the way for matcha in the USA.

What Are Your Best-Selling Teas?: In order: Green (#1), Red (#2), and Black (#3).

Do You Carry Fair-Trade Teas?: Yes.

Where Are Your Teas Grown?: Japan, South Africa, and India.

Why Do Your Loyal Customers Keep Coming Back?: Quality and customer service.  We do everything we can to make our customers happy.  I even forward the calls to my personal cell phone on the weekends when the office is closed.  How many matcha companies do that?

Where Can Your Teas be Purchased?: Online at www.PureMatcha.com.

What Are Some of the Awards and Accolades that Pure Matcha has received?: Our Red Matcha is the number 1 rated tea on Steepster.com right now.  That can change, but right now it is number 1 out of thousands of teas. Our black and green matcha are also in the top 20.

Pure Matcha Rooibos Tea Powder

Pure Matcha Roobios Matcha, Green Matcha and Black Matcha

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