Light of Day Organic Teas

Light of Day Organics

Business Name: Light of Day Organic Teas

Type of Business: Tea Farm, Retail Store, Educational Classroom, Tea Tastings

Year Founded: 2004

Location: 3502 E. Traverse Hwy (M-72 W.), Traverse City, MI

Phone: (231) 228-7234


What Are Your Best-Selling Teas?: Creamy Earl Grey, Happy Spleen Green, Heartwarming Cinnamon, Hummingbird Nectar, Cherry Mint Tea, Mitten-time Mint, and Madagascar Vanilla Rooibos.

What is Unique About Your Business?: 100% certified organic and 100% fair trade certified with every imported ingredient, 240 ingredients grown here in Traverse City, and 100% of our fruit is from the United States!

Do You Grow Any of the Tea Here in Traverse City? There is indeed tea being grown in Traverse City!  Light of Day has been growing Camellia sinensis in the soil since 2005.  Light of Day Organic is a certified Organic Farm, Licensed Nursery, Licensed and Certified Organic Processing Facility and producer of 100% Organic products.  We grow our tea plants in raised beds during the normal Michigan growing season fully exposed to weather (late May- after frost-until about the end of September)- then cover them with visqueen and snow to insulate during the Winter.  We harvest in July and blend these pristine teas in our White and Green Tea blends.  Last year at our Open House we had tea plants potted up and for sale.  We sold 200 organic plants this Summer to an Oregon grower.  We have collected tea seeds this fall and these seeds will be the first to begin their cycle in the new greenhouse.  Exciting!

We are presently constructing a greenhouse at our new M-72 farm so that we can showcase these plants year round to the public.  The greenhouse will be heated with energy generated by the windmill that will accompany it in the near future.  We welcome visitors for farm and facility tours during scheduled farm tours or anytime by appointment this time of year.

Do You Carry Organic and Fair Trade Teas? Yes – all of our teas are organic and fair trade.

Why Do Your Loyal Customers Keep Coming Back?: Unsurpassed quality, taste, customer service, and authenticity (they love being able to come to the farm to see the teas growing, and to see us plucking, drying, blending, and labeling the teas – all on site!).

What Are Some of the Awards and Accolades that You (Light of Day Organic Teas and Angela Macke-founder) have received?: Michigan Small Business of the Year (2008-2009), Specialty Tea Institute Graduate, Green Pioneers, Environmentalist of the Year in Business (2007).  Additionally, we are the only certified Demeter Biodynamic Farm in the State of Michigan.

Is There Anything Else You’d Like to Tell Us About Your Business or Teas?: Please come visit our new on-farm retail store (hours vary by season so visit our website for current hours).

**Not in the Traverse City area?  Buy their tea online at or view their locations page to find a retailer near you.

Light of Day Organic Teas Farm

Light of Day Organic Teas Farm Store

Light of Day Organic Teas Almond Oolong

Their beautiful Almond Oolong tea

Light of Day Organics Tea Sign

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5 Responses to “Light of Day Organic Teas”

  1. Please note, that there is no actual “tea” growing in Traverse City. This is a little misleading.

    • I have updated the post to include a very thorough explanation from Angela about how they are growing tea here in Traverse City. Ahhhhh, just knowing that there is tea growing here is one more reason to love Traverse City.

  2. Hello “Tea Guy”,
    We have just begun the construction of a greenhouse at our farm and retail store location on M-72 W. (3502 E. Traverse Hwy.). This greenhouse will house our Camellia sinensis (Tea) plants and other tender perennials during the Winter months and will allow for year-round viewing through the windows. We welcome your visit to our farm and facility this Saturday for our last guided farm tour of the season. Please see our website for complete list of scheduled events.
    Thanks for writing!

  3. We love their Heartwarming Cinnamon tea! We get ours at Oryana in town or Cedar City Market. It would be fun to see the tea plants you have growing here in Michigan.

  4. My wife was there today buying teas for my sister.She loves this place and knowing it’s Traverse area grown.

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